Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update 2/3 is Installing

This one is rocketry.

1) My package still hasn't come yet. Hopefully tomorrow, if not then wednesday. Its statis still hasn't changed since being in Denver last Tuesday.

2) Stuff I've got to do #1: Fix the Mosquito. It needs a new body tube, then a new paint job, to replace the coloring I did previously with Sharpies.

3) Stuff I've got to do #2: Fix the Orbital Transport. It needs a new strake, which I can make out of a spare piece of 3/16" balsa. I printed out the patterns from JimZ's site yesterday. Then, I'll glue the strake to the main wing assembly, then reglue the wing to the body, and finish the fillets. I didn't put the fillets on the original, but they should make it much stronger. I may or may not paint it.

4) I've posted a request for information about potential payloads for the Nike Apache on the xkcd fora. Feel free to read it and comment.

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