Friday, July 17, 2009

Nike-Apache #3: Epoxy and fins!

Got a lot more done. The fin can or the Apache is complete - I cut the fin slots and glued the whole thing together. It's looking pretty good so far, and actually beginning to look like a real rocket.

I got nitrile gloves and got out the epoxy clay. I used maybe a fifth of an ounce for four long fillets on the MMT centering rings, plus a big fillet to hold the retainer rod in place, plus a small fillet holding the screw eye to the transition. Impressive.

I put another coat of wood glue on the transition and nose cone, then sanded. They're ready for primer and paint now.

I'm currently forming the wrap for the Nike body tube. Hopefully its fin slots will be easier to cut than the Apache fin slots.

I also fixed the broken fin on the Deltie Thunder, applied lots of fillets, and another layer of fixing to the broken boom. Hopefully it'll be well enough to fly by NERRF.

I'm off to college-visit MIT and Northeastern tomorrow, then off to an amusement park with Mandachan on saturday, so blogging and building will be a hair light.

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