Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nike-Apache #5: a slightly smaller post but a full look ahead

Because I didn't have a lot of time to work on it this evening.

I glued the Apache wrap on, and let the two wraps plus the wood glue layer on the MMT dry all day while I was riding roller coasters with mandachan.

When I got home, I used CA on the seams of both wraps and sanded them into niceness. I cut slots into the Nike wrap and sanded said slots; it's ready for fins soon. I drilled four holes in the Apache wrap and inserted and glued the antenna wires. I found the layer of wood glue on the aft end of the MMT to be dried, solid, and very nice-looking (a nice smooth CR-tube joint is a beautiful thing), so I flipped it over and did the same for the forward CR. I also put 2 extra layers of wood glue on the big shoulder of the transition to improve the fit, and one more to increase the strength of the nose cone, especially the tip which is prone to breaking.

Tomorrow will mostly involve epoxy clay - fillets on the CR/tube joints, fillers for the tiny gaps between the Apache fins and the 2429 centering ring / transition, and to hold the 6oz nose weight in the Apache body tube and to glue the nose cone on.

After that, the Apache will be essentially finished - I'll do a little final sanding then prime and paint. It's mostly grey, with some silver near the antennae and the 2429 transition ring is black.

The Nike will have the four fins glued on and filleted, then the launch lugs glued on. Then primer and sanding for it: white for the tube and red and yellow for the fins.

The final steps will involve gluing the transition (painted with the Nike body) to the Apache; application of the three decals, and connection of the two parts with the shock cord and quick-link and the attachment of the chute and protector.

Then flight.

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