Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Destroying a Scanner

Almost any piece of electronic equipment makes a good take-apart. A scanner does suprisingly well. The low down:

  • Main circuit board: Double sided :-( A few passive components, two transistors, and a number of connecters are about all you get. Several good ICs, but they are almost impossible to desolder.
  • Peripheral boards: Here's where the fun is. A side board has the single-line color CCD sensor - glass case, 22 pins. Another board, just 1.2 x 1.6 inches, turns out to be a HV supply board, with a small 12" fluorescent tube attached. Woo-hoo! I estimate around 300V at almost no current - a shock feels like a pinprick.
  • Power supply: 15V wall wart. A few power transistor, 1W resistors, toroids, etc. Several caps and resistors were fried in a power surge.
  • Mechanics: a weird stepper motor, a belt drive, and a 16" by 3/8" rod.
  • Optics: A ~ 12x16" sheet of glass, several barely curved mirrors, and a small lens assembly that makes a good ~10x close-up magnifier.
  • Safety: don't chip the glass sheet. Splinters hurt. The glue attaching it is kinda strong. Also, don't shock yourself with HV. It hurts too. Don't blow up electrolytics with the HV.

Rating: 4 components, 3 mechanical / optical, 3 safety. 4 overall.

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