Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Machnum Force Revealed!

Finally: the obligatory pictures. Here's what it looks like. 17" long, about 32mm in diameter with a 29mm mount capable of accpeting 8" long motors. The block lettering in hand-drawn with pencil and Sharpie. It was almost perfect, but it got smudged by the wood glue coating.

Here's it standing up. Note the weird-colored fins - one was formerly a clementine crate and the other two from a small plywood helicopter model. Neither are great quality, but they're still pretty strong.

This last picture is a bit squished, but from L -> R: Machnum Force, 29/180 casing with closures, Mach my Day (18mm Machbuster attempt), 24/40 casing. The streamer is laid out in front.

From comparing to a couple of D12s, it was about 1.2 ounces empty (with recovery system but without motor or wadding), which would have put it close to Mach 1.3 (definitely supersonic) and about 3000 feet on a G78G - it was so light that it would have slowed down quick after burnout. (Edited 9/18: Actual values, after adding nose weight: 5oz, 1.1, 4000 ft.)

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