Monday, June 1, 2009

Coupla things

1) I'll be implementing a 'What I'm reading' gadget in the sidebar soon. Shouldn't take too much html.

2) The Machnum Force is absolutely done. The shock cord mount has been wood-glued over for heat protection, all gaps filled in, and the nose cone tied on. All I have to do is pack the recovery system, stick in the motor, and fly. Pictures coming tomorrow.

3) I'll be buying some stuff from Apogee tomorrow - most likely a G78G-10 29mm SU motor for the Machnum Force, and a 29mm forward seal disk for use with my 29/240 RMS casing. More details tomorrow.

4)I've reached version 3.2.0 of my rocket simulation program. It's got over 70 motors from MMX to the Aerotech N2000W in it, with a fast flight simulator, parachute size / descent rate calculator, motor data display, thrust curve display, and the ability to change the air density, gravity, and latitude. All in 11kB. It's not Rocksim, but it surpasses RASP-93 by a lot and even approaches SpaceCad in functionality. Currently, it works perfectly, right down to drag realistically doubling at Mach 1.2. Next up: changing the motor data files to be more space-efficient, adding staging and drawing / CP, and a better startup animation.

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Bayourat Rocketry said...

Looking forward to seeing the "Machnum Force". Sounds cools.