Saturday, June 27, 2009

Massive Mid Power Order Planned

I plan to make a pretty massive order of mid-power stuff, in parts from multiple vendors. What I'm currently planning to buy:

From Apogee:
  • Cosmodrome Nike Apache: it's a large (52" long, 2.6" diameter) mid-power kit, roughly a 1:6.35 scale model. It's got thick-wall body tubes, nice balsa transitiona and nose cone, plywood fins, a solid recovery system, etc etc. Everything I need for both a large mid-power rocket and for my L1 certification. I might even be able to fly it on larger H motors in the 29/240 case, rather than the H128 which was the absolute maximum permissable in the Mozzie.

  • A 9x9" chute protector for the Nike Apache.

  • Epoxy clay, for the brick and to assemble certain parts of the Nike Apache.

  • A D21-4 or two. Because there's always something like Rama that can use a good kick in the pants.

From Hobbylinc:
Motors. Lots of motors; at least 6. F reloads for the 24/40 case; an E, F, and G for the 29/40-120 case, and a pair of F27R Econojets for the Mozzie and Nike Apache.

From Discount Rocketry:
  • A 29/40-120 case. It'll allow me to fly anything from E16s to G76s in one case, and I can buy single reloads (24mm loads come in 3-packs). Plus, you can't beat 6 dollar Es and 9 dollar Gs.

  • Possibly another motor case. Maybe an 18/20 system for the sub-3-dollar Ds, or maybe a new 29mm case alone, to use with the closures I already have for the 29/180-240 system.

Rail buttons. Duh. An even dozen series 1000 rail buttons at a quarter apiece. Rwo for the Nike Apache, 2 for the brick, and 8 left for whatever I want to fly off rails. I learned that at CATO - always have both 1/4" lugs and series 1000 rail buttons on largish rockets, so if you need to you can switch pads with a minimum of fuss.

I expect to spend about 150 to 180 bucks, for one large rocket, about 8-10 motors, a new motor case or two, and some needed parts.

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