Sunday, June 21, 2009


After a couple months of having it sit on the bottom of my pile - literally - I finally got around to building it. I built most of the body on Friday and the rest today.

It's a 24mm diameter, ~6" long scale model, roughly a 1:90 scale, with a 13mm motor mount. It's got an Apogee nose cone half filled with clay, a 30" shock cord (I like having long shock cords, to minimize possible damage and facilitate removal from trees), a small body tube, and a tail cone made from the unidentified brown cone mentioned here. The fins are 1/8" balsa, except for the tiny tip fins which are 1/16" balsa. I'll use either a streamer or a small (~8") parachute.

It'll fly on 13mm motors - 1/2A3-2 and A10-3T to start, and possibly 1/2A3-4Ts and A3-4Ts if they'll work.

Pictures coming, eventually, after I get it painted and draw the DNA of Flight on the spine.

My April post on SS2

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