Sunday, June 21, 2009

Launch Report #30 Part 2

Read the first part first!

My sixth flight of the day, and one of my best ever was the Nantucket Sound on an E18-4W reload.

I'm pretty proud of it; it was a difficult kit with unusal fin shapes and construction methods, like the doweled upper section and multiple paper shrouds, and I did a pretty good job. A number of people were impressed by it, both the CAP kids and the CATO folks who helped design it.

Here it is on the rack, along with the 'Ring Thing' (a Goonybird that rocked on an E9-8), a Launch Magazine missile on the 'wimpy' B6-4, the Screaming Yellow Zonker!, and a 3x13mm cluster that went pretty well too.

Here it is at the moment of ignition. It arced just a hair over the crowd under thrust with its impressive roar and bright white flame. Despite my sims, it deployed perfectly at apogee, and the chute came out cleanly.

Here it is under the 16" chute. Note the lack of motor casing. The casing ejected despite the motor hook; fortunately my dad recovered it from the grass. It landed safely on the supplied chute, but for landings with a heavy motor casing I'd suggest an 18" chute, and to always tape the motor in.

My next flight was the Orbital Transport on a C6-3. Folks were clearly impressed my the work I put into it. It took off cleanly and aquired a slight wobble due to the glider shifting. At ejection, the chute didn't fully deploy and it came down hard, losing a wing (recovered; will be reglued) and mising one strake - my only loss of the day was a 3 in2 piece of balsa. The glider, however, was at a perfect angle and speed and headed off towards Boston at 400 feet AGL. Just as it was leaving the field, though, it got buffeted in a gust of wind and turned right back into the field for a perfect applauded landing. Instead of losing the glider, I got it back after an amzing 45-second flight.

My final two flights were a Mosquito drag race: Mosquito on a 1/4A versus the Electric Mosquito on a 1/2A. They tied off the pad; I lost both in the glare after wards. I found the EM undamaged except for one loosened fin - repaired now - and the Mosquito with one fin broken off and the body tube wrecked. I trashed the tube but kept everything else for a rebuild.

Part Three: Other fliers

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