Thursday, June 4, 2009

20 Years

It's been exactly 20 years today since democracy made its last stand in China at the Tiananmen Square protests. 1 million people flooded the huge open square (by far the world's largest) after a prominent progressive politician, Hu Yaobang, died. The Chinese regime took the worst possible steps - and decided to force everyone out of the square, deaths be damned. When the blood and dust settled, at least 200 and possible as many as 5000 lay dead with hundreds of other missing. One badass hero, however, emerged for a few brief minutes to challenge the tanks. Such is the secrecy and nastiness of the Chinese government that 20 years later, neither the lone rebel's name nor fate is known and may never be known.

20 years later, China is just as evil. It's a world power now, and a few people do have a few rights, but it stands alone as the only large country to censor its presses and the internet, to prevent an entire country from regaining its freedom, and to kill thousands of its citizens every year, or force them to work in horrific conditions, without batting an eye. It's had an Olympics come, which instead of forcing the country to come clean about its human rights and democracy failures, instead let the government cover its collective ass and bury their tracks under yet more eminent domain.

Wake up, China.

Sorry for the rant here, but I'm a bit peeved at the moment. Except for a brief bit on D-Day on saturday, I'll try to make this the last politicking here for a long while.

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