Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What I've been doing

I haven't blogged in over two days - far too long a hiatus for a blog that I'm trying to update once a day, minimum.

Anyway, a rundown of what I've been doing:

Had a physical and a dental exam today. Everything is normal and I'm healthy. 135lbs, 5-10 and a half, blood pressure 112 over 68. Lucky me didn't even have to get a shot.

Got a checking account and a debit card, so I can more easily buy stuff both in stores and online, and don't have to carry cash. Next up: get an ebay account, and start buying enough rocketry stuff to put me on a couple of FBI watch lists.

Painted the SpaceShipTwo. It's got two coats of white on it and looks pretty good. I just gotta do touch-up with a brush, then apply this paint scheme. Since that's what's seen on the Virgin Galactic website, I assume it's the actual coloring scheme that with be used. Fortunately, that image is far better than anything I've found for the SS1. The Black-and-blue eye coloring, on both booms and the underside, will be the tricky part.

Began looking at large mid-power rockets for flying at CATO and for my cert flight. Narrowed it down to three. Emailed Tim Van Milligan about it and got a very nice response. Planning to buy and blog about soon.

Determined via CATO forums that the G75J is a legal motor at Salem, although it'll send most anything up pretty darn high - as high as an H128, in most cases, because the 15Ns higher impulse of the baby H is more than compensated by the longer burn (with lower speed and drag) of the G75.

Decided, or came pretty close to anyway, to buy a 29/40-120 casing rather than using SU motors or buying more 29mm cases. Became ecstatic at the idea of 6-dollar E motors, 8-dollar Fs, and 9-buck Gs. Debated buying an 18/20 case too for the under-3-dollar Ds.


mandachan said...

a HA! i told you i weigh more than you! (pretty sad that i'm proud of that)

The EGE said...

Yeah. Actually, yesterday at work, a woman had a dog in her car while she returned books, and she said it weighed 142 lbs. That's more than me. That's scary.