Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Human Brain: the computer

According to some stuff I've been readinng, the storage capacity of the human brain is about 3 terabytes, with roughly one bit per neuron, although our brains have more efficient storage algorithms than computers. However, our RAM - instantaneous memory, is limited to seven different things, or about 2.5 bits.

Hence my about me description on facebook:
Generic Humanoid Carbon Unit. Size 1.05 smoots, weight 658N. Approximately 65% O, 18.5% C, 9.5% H, 3.3% N. Contains one carbon-based processor unit with 3TB ROM and 0.3B RAM. Primary memory type: non-addressed physical location-based. Operating temperature 310K; permissable temperatures 270K to 315K. Warning: contains large amounts of utterly useless information. Long term exposure will turn your brain to jelly, or make you smarter.

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