Monday, June 15, 2009

Happiness comes in a little brown box.

A little brown box? A little brown box.

My Apogee order came today. Very fast shipping - it was at my door stop less than 8 real days after I ordered, and they got it out the same day I ordered. They even threw in an instructional CD and a pack of epoxy to assemble the reloadable motor.

I am now the proud owner of a 29mm forward seal disk, an E15-4W, and a G78-7G LMS kit. The seal disk is small and uninspiring but needed for flying the very largest 29mm motors. The E15-4 came, impressively, not with the annoyingly picky and tricky Copperhead, but with a single Quest Q2G2 igniter for high reliablity and ease of use. This means that if I wanted to, I could fire this composite motor with my normal 6V launch system instead of springing for an expensive and heavy 12V system. I'll definitely buy a pack or two for my reloadable motor the next time I buy stuff from Apogee.

I haven't opened the G78 yet. I may or may not assemble it soon, because it's doubtful whether or not I'll get ot fly it saturday - it's CATO's first time on their new field and this would be pushing it, especially before we're familiar with the field's characteristics.

Update from later: I have opened the G78. It's very impressive. It's huge. The fuel grains are tiny, though, for having 105Ns of impulse. I'm glad that it comes with a Fire Fire Jr igniter rather than a copperhead - hooray for wired igniters. I now currently own every motor size from 1/8A to G - all 10 non-regulated motor classes. I plan to fly one from each on saturday. Hopefully.

The FSD is as heavy as a 1/2A3, and its internal hole is just as big. I'm still trying to comprehend just how big an powerful these 29mm motors are.

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