Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Binder Fun

I keep all sorts of stuff on my binder - printouts of thrust curves and xkcd comics, lists of jokes, a list of unusual units (like attoparsecs), and more. My latest decoration, though, is a high-quality hand-drawn version of this:

It's taken about 2 hours of work over four nights, but the current result is an almost-finished fake wikipedia page about the binder it will be on, including the familiar wiki background, an infobox, information about the binder, and even a carefully drawn wikipedia logo, complete with all the little letters. The only difference between it and a real page, besides the subject, is that the little notice at the top says "Help us provide fake content to the world by donating today". (The real version has 'free' instead of 'fake'. The languages tab and infobox design are based off this article.

Three bits of other stuff:
1) Thanks to Dick Stafford for the shoutout about the online CP calculator I found.

2) Updated reading list.

3) Computer tip of the moment: in Vista, holding [Ctrl] and scrolling the mouse wheel will change text and image size in IE.

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mandachan said...

comment regarding #3: it does that for xp too. i accidentally did that once, or maybe the CTRL key got stuck or something, but i got SO confused