Monday, June 1, 2009

The weight of the world

Just playing around with the Wolfram Alpha search engine and found some interesting stuff. For example: the total weight of Earth's population is almost exactly 1012 pounds. That's 1 trillion pounds, or 500 million tons. According to Google search results, that's equal to:
China's annual grain output
China's annual steel output,
The annual global plastics production
The annual coal output of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region
The total coal reserves of Jambi ( a province of Sumatra)
The amount of Iranian copper deposits discovered in the last 3 years
Russia's annual oil outputs
The annual CO2 output of the new power plants China built in 2006 alone
The amount of asphalt laid annually in the US
The upper bounds of Vietnam's estimated oil reserves
Venezuela's bauxite ore reserves
One-third of annual US Carbon dioxide emissions
The US's annual crop production
a cube of iron 399m on a side
a cube of gold 296m on a side
a cube of hydrogen 17.7km on a side
a cube of lead 353m on a side
a cube of osmium 280m on a side
a cube of white dwarf 7m on a side (at 1400000g per cc, or about a million times the sun's density)
a cube of water (or humans) 794m on a side

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