Saturday, June 6, 2009


D-Day was 65 years ago. By this time 65 years ago, Allied forces had parachuted in under cover of darkness and landed on beaches at dawn under heavy fire and captured miles of heavily defended coastline in the greatest military effort even seen. Commandoes scaled the cliffs to attach gun emplacements and heavily defended bunkers. The French Resistance wreaked havoc behind the German lines. Ships, from midget submarines to battleships to landing craft, attacked the shore, cleared the way, and brought men ashore. The infantrymen landed on deathtraps of beaches and yet fought their way out to free the people of France and Europe from tyranny. Altogether, over 156,000 men defeated a vastly larger force on their way to defeat the greatest evil ever seen on the planet. Thousands gave their lifes in the pursuit of freedom.

We salute you.

(I encourage all of you to read The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan or to watch the movie adaptation. It is a incredible, sobering account of the landings from the first in to the final securing of the beachheads.)

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