Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interstellar Stuff

First, a listing of all 153 molecules known to exist in interstellar space (2 more are unconfirmed; 9 can also be found with deuterium replacing a hydrogen). Among the interesting molecules are a linear C5 molecule, Silane, and an SiC4 complex.
An interesting chart showing the interchange between hydronium, water, water ions, hydroxide ions, HCO ions, and H2 molecules in the interstellar medium:

And an interesting proposal: for SETI to use the 4462.4 Mhz spectrum for all interstellar broadcasts. It's equal to pi times the fundamental hydrogen frequency of 1420.42 Mhz. The irrational factor of pi prevents it from being mistaken as a harmonic of the fundamnetal frequency, yet still allows the two to be connected. It's in a mostly unused part of the Ku microwave band.

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