Monday, June 8, 2009

Various Stuff

1) Ordered my stuff from Apogee tonight - a G78-7G for Machnum Force, an E15-4W for the Mozzie, and a 29mm forward seal disk for my 29/240 casing. I chose to go with the -7 delay instead of the proper 10-second delay. First, ejecting 3 seconds and about 250 feet sooner assuses that it won't reach the 4000 ft waiver. Second, in case it does go unstable or such, that's 3 seconds sooner that the streamer will be out and three seconds' less chance of danger. I'm asking on the CATO forums if anyone has a launch tower I can borrow so I don't have to use a launch lug.

2)According to this useful calculator, the CP for the Machnum Force is at 28.6cm, or 11.25" from the nose - about an inch back from the leading edge of the fins. This means that less than half an ounce of nose weight will ensure 1-caliber stability.


4)Thing I learned last night: don't wet-sand wood glue. bad things happen. Took be half an hour with steel wool to get in back to smooth and shiny.

5) Now I gotta figure out what rockets and motors to fly. Mozzie on the E15-4 and Machnum Force on the G78-7G (pending approval from the club president). 24mm saucer on one of my F32s probably. *looks downstairs* One of my mid-sized mosquitos on a 1/2A. (Maybe the entire mosquito fleet even). Nantucket Sound on an E18-4W.

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