Thursday, June 25, 2009

The brick

Yup, I'm gonna launch a brick.

The reason being, when I flew my Twin Saucers at CATO last saturday, someone compared them rather unfavorably to 'a brick with three motors strapped to it'. I'll be damned if I let that go untested. I plan to make an order pretty soon that'll include tubs of epoxy clay from Apogee. I figure that that stuff can hold anything to anything, even brick to motor tube. The average weight of a brick is around six pounds, so I'll either have to put rail buttons on it and launch it off the away pads at NERRF, or chop it in half. In half, it'll fly on Fs; whole it'll take Gs.

Of course, I'll put in the necessary stuff, like fins and a rather large parachute - at least 36".

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Dick said...

Now yer talkin'...yeeehaw :)