Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shrox Joins Quest

Artist and designer Donald Shrock, aka Shrox, has now joined up with Quest. He is now their 'creative director', which I take to assume he'll create cool-looking kits for them. He's the one who creates the Dynastar kits for Apogee, including the Lexxjet, Snarky, and Firefox SHX, as well as the Fliskits Alien8.

Considering that most of the stuff he's done for Apogee uses 24mm mid-power motors, I can't help but think that he'll be creating kits for the new D-F Thunderjet BP motors for Quest.

Announcement from Rocketry Planet


KenKzak said...

That's good news.
I like his style.

BTW; Whatever happened to the Shrox Lancer[?] Estes was supposed to kit?

The EGE said...

I don't know. I no longer bother with Estes except with motors. I've got more low-power kits than I need, so now I'm focusing at aquiring a small collection of mid-power models.

Estes was supposed to have a bunch of new kits coming out, but the only one I've seen is the Solar Flare.