Sunday, March 22, 2009


1) My laptop is still out of commission, so I'm still using my parents' desktop. I hate not having Chrome, but the much faster internet (pdfs open in a fifth the time) is a big plus compared to my slow wireless. I've got all my documents backed up, fortunately. However, my blogging is still limited to when parents are gone, asleep, or otherwise occupied (like by loud NCAA games).

2) My motor list is now complete thru all 1/8A to G motors. That's still only about a third of all the motors (up to O) certified by the NAR, CAR, and TRA, but now every single LPR motor - 121 of them - is in my database. I'll put it up, published, on Google Docs when I'm done. It takes about 1 minute per motor for batches of 20-40, using the NAR list, TRA/CAR list,, and the list in the Jan/Feb Sport Rocketry, plus google for occasional fact-checking.

3) I'm planning to put a full list of links for all my useful published stuff on the side bar. Look for it later today.

4) I didn't get to go test my new reload casing today (in my 24mm saucer) due to the wind. Grr.

5) Building: I've got the launch lug (3/16") on Lord Gavin, but it still needs paint scheme ideas. I built the entire Deltie Thunder glider with CA today. It glides great - about a 5:1 or better glide ratio. It's absolutely huge - and very heavy at around 2 or 3 ounces, but i's not dense and has huge area, so it comes down pretty light. It needed a lot of clay - 80% of the provided stuff for balance plus 10% for side-to-side balance. It's currently getting fillets on the joints for extra strength - I also put the vertical stab stiffeners on for future use with E and F reloads. Next comes chute and pod assembly, plus helping my mom make chutes from the nylon I bought.

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