Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Minor building Stuff

1) The Mandachan is now officially finished. I drilled 3 holes for the vented gap staging (as if Estes is ever gonna rerelease the A10-0Ts. ha. ha. ha.), put in the engine blocks in both stages, obtained some thin elastic from my parts box, and now the shock cord mount is finishing gluing. The streamer is green and about 2" x 12". As long as I don't fly Uranium (or Hassium) in the payload bay it'll be fine, and the smallish streamer will fit well in the thin tube. Any suggestions for payloads?

2) I found the 1x Mosquito in the neighbor's yard. All 3 fins needed reglued, but it's back in the fleet. I still gotta make a new 6mm adapter though.

3) Everything from Saturday's launch is repaired.

1 comment:

mandachan said...

really. everything's repaired. even the frankenstein... or rather, the frankenstein 2...