Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have Projectile Envy

My Machbuster, 7g unloaded and about 30 loaded, will hit Mach 1.1 or so, about 400 meters per second. If it hit something soft, like inconcievably a human, It would penetrate a bit but probably destroy itself before it could give someone more than a nasty bruise and maybe a small amount of internal bleeding, maybe breaking something fragile, but not fatal. After all, it's going twice as fast as a bullet and has about 4 times the kinetic energy, but bigger and draggier and made of crumplable materials.

Compare that to a 7g Lexan block fired at 7000 mps, about 17.5 times as fast and with about 300 times the kinetic energy of the empty MMD, 150 times the burnt motor + rocket, and 75 times the loaded mass, into an aluminium block:

That's impressive. It was a test for part of the SDI, aka 'Star Wars,' in a project invloving kinetic weapons.
The embiggened image is here and the info page here.

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Sascha Grant said...

I like how the projectile completely missed the ruler!