Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thoughts on my new reload case

I really like my new Rouse-Tech 24/40 reload case. It's quite the piece of (expensive) engineering and the versatility of 8 different flavors of motor with several dealy options each really appeals to me. I like getting to load my own motor; it makes me feel mature and powerful putting the puzzle together. However, two drawbacks annoy me a little bit.

First, the casing is only usable one or twice per launch. You can reload the motor in all of 2 minutes, but it has to be cleaned, greased, etc between launches, which is hard to do in the field. Second, and worse, the D15-4 reload kit I bough wasn't quite perfect. The delay grain, grain spacer, and liner tube were all two tight. I very carefully solved the problem by peeling the superthin layer of glassine off all of them. That made them fit much better (the liner tube is perfect, the grain spacer and delay grain tight put okay) without compromising the interity of the motor. I really wish I didn't have to do that just to made the motor ready to assemble, though.

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