Saturday, March 28, 2009

Massive Randonmess

Massive updtae post to make up for several hectic days in a row:
1) Lord Gavin now has glow-in-the-dark paint on the shoulder of its nose cone, top of its bulkhead, and fin edges, Second coat coming tomorrow. No ideas yet for the rest of the color scheme.

2) Deltie Thunder built and test glided. It's got a 1;5 or better glide ratio, but the balsa body is weak and I've had to fix it twice. I built the pod with 3/16" and 1/4" lugs. For the first flight at least, I'll use my 6' quarter-inch rod stuck into the ground, because with the glider sitting on the blast deflector or ground, the lugs are over 2 feet up the rod, and it needs 2 feet minimum of travel on the rod for stability. Next comes first flight on a D12-3 or D15-4.

2a) I think I'll scratch-build a mini-deltie-thunder at about half scale for use with my current small pop pod, cause I've got plenty of balsa and I don't wanna hafta buy a Deltie B kit.

3) I'm going to place an order soon for about 25 motors, including some E28 reloads, plus an aft closure wrench for my reload casing. When loaded, it's almost impossible to close it without the wrench.

4) I'm starting work on the Darling of Death, the 24mm clementine crate (Darling brand) boost glider. It's going to be a biplane with roughly 3" by 12" wings. The box is made or crappy 3/16" or so 3-ply wood, but it'll take the kick of a D at least.

5) My computer is currently geting fixed by a techie friend of my dad. Yay!

6) A little bit of bragging: I placed first among underclassman yesterday for the regional high school math league I belong to, meaning I get an automatic spot on the CT ARML (a national high school math competiton) team.

7)I started tennis on Monday, and theorretically it'll last several hours after school every weekday, so till the end of May you'll see less afternoon posts and more concentrated around 7 am and 11 pm and on rainy days and weekends. I played 3 challenge matches today and won them all, so I'm on the upper end of JV.

8) Congrats to Mandachan for making our school's JV softball team! She's worked hard and we're all rather proud of her, so you really should go over to her blog and leave a comment and congratulate her.

9) Apparently Estes has patented a new Potassium Chloride-based propellant called Vulcanite EB-75 that they may use for some motors. It's a very exciting possibility, as it's got twice the power of blackpowder, meaning possibilities of sub-62.5 gram F motors, full E motors that can be shipped non-hazmat, 10.5mm competition motors that outperform even the Czech Delta motors, C motors with just 1/4 ox of propellant, new B14-type motors, etc. It's able to be packed like blackpowder rather than cast like APCP, which means that existing Estes 'Mabel' machines could pack it and it might, unlike APCP, be suitable for booster motors. Imagine E30-0 or F50-0 boosters. Awesome for saucers. However, unlike BP, it would be suitable for reloadable motors. Read about it from Duck Stafford here, on YORF here, and from the patent applcation here.

10)Uhhh... there was something else... but I can't remember now... sooo... sleepy....

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mandachan said...

6 & 7) can it, mister.
8) awww thanks :)