Monday, March 2, 2009

Crayon rocket

Made from a 1/4" launch lug tube. It's got a crayon-shaped nose cone, 3 clear plastic fins, and 2 short bits of launch lug carefully blended in. I hand-drew the stripes, Crayola logo, and 'red' descriptor with a fine-point marker. It'll fly to about 150 feet on a MMX motor; pictures coming soon.

I've also got the fins glued and fillets drying, plus the motor mount assembled and glued in, on my 3x Mosquito. If I don't find the 1x version, then I'll make a new one.

Mandachan has commissioned a rocket in her honor. It'll be a 13mm superroc about 30" (762mm)long, suitable for 1/2A and A competition, with a 5-caliber ogive balsa nose cone, 3 small fins, and mid-body deployment and a long (~8" or even ~16") payload tube. She'll do the designing of the fins and color scheme.


mandachan said...

awww i feel so special :D

mandachan said...

i still wonder what you're doing awake at 1:03 in the morning, though