Sunday, March 1, 2009

Launch Report #24

I got to launch between the morning snow showers and tonight's snowstorm (school is already canceled for tomorrow), and even with Mandachan of Divided Loyalty fame attending. I launch 5 rockets of 5 flights on 5 motors, with fairly good success: 1 glider, 1 streamer, and 1 chute deployed with 1streamer failing to deploy.
First came the Screaming Yellow Zonker! on a B6-4; it went high and fast and made a nice spiral thop-thop-thop; its streamer failed to deploy and one fin had to be reglued.

Next came the SpaceBusII on a 1/2A3-4T; it went about 200 feet high and ejected just at apogee. Both sections came down fast but safely; the fin/motor section lost a fin which I reglued.

Next came Glider 2 on a B6-2; this photo is right at ignition:

It flew well but the glider came off at burnout. I've since modified the glider hook to fix that. The pod continued upward and ejected at apogee. The streamer deployed perfectly even in the 36°F weather. meanwhile, the glider settled into a wind-induced tight turn / wide turn cycle; it went about 300 feet in 15 seconds of gliding from about 120 feet up; it made it up to about 150 after separation before turning downward.
Next came my crowd-pleasing 24mm and 18mm saucers on a D12-0 / C6-0 load. Here's it at liftoff...

And the smoke trail...

As always, it pulsated under thrust, making a thop-thop-thop sound that got the attention of a jogger almost 500 feet away. The 18mm saucer staged funny and went sideways then downwards under thrust. Fortunately, it ejected about 50 feet up and both sections came down safely.
Mozzie on the pad, below. Even though it has 1/4" lugs, they're spaced far enough apart to use a 3/16" rod. It needs at least a 4' rod for D12s (and D15s and E15s), so the Estes maxi-rod won't be good, but it works just fine on a normal Estes Porta-Pad (although an E Pad on Aerotech mantis would be better). I'd so use no less than a 6-foot 1/4" rod for an E9 or E11 reload.

At ignition on a D12-3

And at full thrust a quarter-second later:

It was my first 100% perfect flight in a while; it boosted slow and loud (slow enough to scare me into thinking it'd arc over and crash, but it went perfectly straight), ejected right at apogee, waited a heart-stopping moment to open, and then:

A perfect chute deployment; it landed within 100' of the pad perfectly undamaged. Gotta love that big purple chute and nearly 8 feet of shock cord.

Me, Mandachan, Mozzie, and the box o' rockets.
I've flown 85 flights on 99 motors for 465.14 Ns (45.1% I), for 4.7 (87.9% B) per motor and 5.47 (9.4% C) per flight.
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mandachan said...

nice. i look like an idiot.
although i can't really say that "divided loyalty fame" is really that prestigious of a status...