Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nuclear Mosquito

My 3x Mosquito upscale is complete. I did a pretty good job with the paint job even in the 25° F weather. It's an almost stock Baby Bertha except for the fins; however, I put a snap swivel on the nose cone for easier parachute attachment / detachment and of course made the classic Mosquito fins. (The pattern for them was made from the copy of the Mozzie fins, downscaled to 60% on a photocopier.

 It'll fly on A8-3, B4-4s, B6-4s, C6-5s, and maybe the occasional composite D for fun. It's overstable due to the big, light, swept-back fins and since it's light but draggy it'll be very tolerant of mis-chosen delays, just as the Mozzie is. (Light and draggy means that it'll fall slower after apogee and thus be moving slower on a too-long delay). Patience, young grasshoppers, pictures are coming soon. And yup, it's named after Calvin and Hobbes: the island where they annually camp is named by Calvin as "Itchy Island, home of the nuclear mosquitos".

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