Sunday, March 1, 2009

Building update

I've cut the fins for my 3x (BT-60-based) Mosquito, to be made from a Baby Bertha kit. It'll fly on 18mm motors and have the stock 12" chute. It's the perfect size of mosquito - big enough to be easy to track, but small enough to use 18mm motors and fly on smaller fields.

I'm making a 1:1 scale crayon out of 1/4" launch lug and clear plastic fin material. The nose cone is a carved section of 1/4" dowel with a bit of pen casing over it to keep it on right.

I found the pod pod (intact) and glider (crushed) of Hummingbird - the glider glided almost 100 feet - but the Mosquito is still MIA and will soon be buried under a foot of snow. Ya gotta love CT weather.

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