Monday, March 16, 2009

Model Rocket Purity Test

Found this while researching active guidance for my last post. It's a very funny (and dangerous) test of just how mych of a model rocket pyro you are. I only fit a few: I've broken two parts on the safety code: flying without a blast deflector and flying C engines in a too-small space, both while flying monocopters in my yard, I sometimes intentionally fly rocket without chutes and streamers (only cause they're backsliding gliders of lightweight), and I have delusions of grandeur.
Some are truly funny, like Have you and an a gang enemy sucessfully engaged in a drive-by model rocket bombing? Yo? and Does your latest warship carry a surplus CIWS? (Close-in Weapon System). (CIWS are computer-controlled autotargeting machine gun / cannons carried by warships to shoot down close-in aircraft, missiles, and even RPGs).

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