Thursday, March 19, 2009

New rocket

Boredom, spare parts, and plenty of CA do not a good mix make. At least not yesterday, cause now I've got a whole nother rocket jest sittin' around. It's a 24mm payload carrier made from 29mm tubing. It's about 32" long overall, making it my second-longest rocket. It consists of 23 3/4" of 29mm tubing (13" plus 10.75" plus a tube coupler), a 24mm universal motor mount (no motor hook or thrust ring, just 1/2" of tube sticking out the back to tape the motor to, 27" of 1/4" elastic shock cord, a 4.75" clear payload tube (3.75" free) with plastic bulkhead, and a homemade 27mm (the payload tube is a bit smaller than the body) balsa nose cone.

It'll use C11-3, D12-3, E9-4/6, and 24/40 reloads and use a 12" or 16" chute depending on the payload mass and the altitude. The 27mm by 95mm payload bay is a bit small, but plenty bit enough to fit stuff like a small beeper or strobe light, a small glow stick for night launches, or the new Quest altimeter. The How High Altimeter fit inside a 20mm diameter tube (hating on us 18mm minimum diameter types) and can go from 50' to 7000' AGL. It only takes a full data sample once per second, but even that is only a maximum altitude error of just 4 feet. It's only $45, so I'm seriously thinking of gettting one. I could do fun things like compute the CD (drag coefficient) of the rocket by comparing simulations to actual altitude.

Open contest to name the new rocket and suggest a paint scheme. The winner gets me to plug what ever link they want, subject to my filtering for NFSW stuff, dangerous sites, and anything BAFTE.


Sascha Grant said...

How about Gavin ? I think it would be neat to have a rocket called Gavin!

I have a rocket called Lord Neville 3rd :)

Sascha Grant said...

I'll get back to you on colour... How about a photo of it ???

Sascha Grant said...

Sorry about the double-post (well, triple post now)... I hit post before I realised you wanted colour scheme as well.. D'oh!!

The EGE said...

I'll get a photo up soon. I found a picture of the Lord - looks cool. Why Gavin?

Sascha Grant said...

Why not!! How many people can say they have a rocket called Gavin!

Everyone has a rocket called "Super Rocket" or "Streak" or "Flash" or "Kate"

I think it would be good to break away from the typical "Rocket" names :)

The EGE said...

Okay, I guess Gavin sounds good. I'll get a picture up tomorrow after NARCON.