Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lord Gavin

The contest for the name is over, won by Sacha Grant, but the paint scheme contest is still on.
The tan is balsa, the orange is orange plastic, the grey-outlined tubing is the clear plastic payload bay, and the black-outlined tubes are plain carboard tubing.
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Sascha Grant said...

What a cool name for your rocket!! Excellent :)

I love the clear payload bay, I've yet to build something with a clear section. I'd love to stuff it full of LEDs and fly at night!

How about glow-in-the-dark paint??

During day it would be a ghostly green and at night it would glow!!

If you put some UV LEDs poking out a little from the payload bay and pointed them at the body tube, it would keep it glowing as it flew.

The EGE said...

I've got a little 25mm diameter blue LED flasher that'll fit in the payload tube, and I could maybe build something with a 555 timer. Glow in the dark paint might work, but only in a few places - the stuff is expensive. Maybe on the nosecone and fins.
I dunno about the UV LEDS - they're like 5 bucks apiece and a bit dangerous.