Sunday, March 29, 2009


Up to the end of H class on my motor chart. 174 so far.

Started the Nantucket Sound.

The clementine crate glider is no more. First test glide shattered it.

No tennis practice tomorrow, and I've got study (with mandachan and another friend), so I'll do more building and blogging tomorrow.

I mow have 7 followers (mandachan stop complaining, it's a joke setup). I feel like 2 1/3 Christs!


mandachan said...

i have a right to voice my opinion, don't i? (whether you choose to acknowledge it is a different story)

Josh said...

Combined we have 11 disci...err followers. We've almost caught JC. Is that a halo I see just above your head? No. Wait. It's just a Mobius Capacitor. >.>