Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 Things

1: I've now got completed 13", 18", 20", and 24" nylon chutes. Dark green nylon, thick nylon shroud lines (8 each ; all are octagonal), and expert stitching by my mom. I've tested all in my yard, and they all unfold well even in cold weather, have hgh drag, don't drift too much, and glide somewhat, which shows that they're producing lift - good for longer duration flights and softer landings.

The 13" chute will fit in BT-55, the 18" chutes in BT-60, and the 24" chute in BT-70, or maybe BT-200 ( in SpaceShipOne). I won't use the 24" chute in SS1, though - the last one is still up in a tree. These are really high-quality chutes - better looking, stronger, more durable, and more likely to open than plastic, and I got six for 2 bucks of nylon fabric and a buck fifty of string.

2: I'm up to complete data for up to the H148. 145 motors in 11 impulse classes, with 7 data columns (manufacturer, length, diameter, SU vs reload hardware, total impulse, propellant mass, and propellant type (including the different Aerotech formulations)), plus 5 delay columns (booster, short, medium, and long delays, plus plugged), plus a note on whether I've used it, merely bought it, or can use it with my reload hardware. It's coming to a published Google doc soon.

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