Monday, October 26, 2009

Pyramid Pictures and more!

Only a little bit is actually glued, but here's it taped together in an actual pyramid shape:
The 12" rulers are for scale.

The underside, showing the hole for the motor mount, plus the motor mount, mount tube, and 30" chute:

The 2" mailing tube that's destined for the pumpkin lofter, plus an end cap and 7 2" rings:

The partially assembled 1:48 SR-71:
The picture makes it look much more assembled than it really is. The front section and side pods are assmbled; the rest still needs gluing together.

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@eloh said...

The SR-71 has a special place in my heart...and past.

We called it the Habu, which was the name of a very prolific snake in the Ryukyu Islands.

The EGE said...

Aha! Finally the mysterious past of Eloh comes out!