Monday, October 26, 2009

Aerotech 38mm spacers, 5 new reloads Certified!

Today Aerotech announced the certifcation of some cool stuff by Tripoli Motor Testing.

The first is the 38mm spacer system. No surprises there.

The next is the N3300R-P. It's a huge Redline with 14041 Ns total impulse for the 98/15360 hardware. The reload alone costs $798.99 !!! Thrust Curve

The next two are Karl E. Baumann signature motors. They use a version of Blue Thunder propellant that's got an Isp (specific impulse) of 224 seconds, one of the highest ever tested. There's the M1780NT for the 75/5120 casing (3.1s, 5783 Ns) and the M1845NT for the 98/7680 (4.4s, 8308 Ns). The NT indicates the modified Blue Thunder propellant. Prices are $239.99 for the M1780NT and $428.99 for the M1845NT. M1780NT thrust curve; M1845NT thrust curve

Next is the J99N, which I blogged about last month as being an in-testing motor. It's for the 54/852 case, not the 1280 Ns case as previously reported. It's got 945 Ns total impulse over a burn time of 10.3 seconds. It requires the use of a new 54mm aft closure that accomodates 29mm and 38mm nozzles ($39.99) and a forward bulkhead plug ($19.99). The new closure will be used soon on more new and redesigned 54mm reloads. Suggested price is $79.99; thrust curve here and assembly drawing here.

Finally comes a completely new motor case: the 38/1320 case. It's 23" long and designed to hold 11 grains; it'll retail for $89.99. There's also a new reload for it - the J510W. It's got 1162 Ns impulse and a burn time of 2.2 seconds; it strangely uses 6 long fuel grains in the 11 grain case. Suggested retail price is $79.99. thrust curve

I like these. 5 new HPR reloads, including a huge Redline, three high-impulse-blend motors, and a completely new motor case, closure, and spacer system, all released in one day. Props to Gary Rosenfield and the rest of the Aerotech team.

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