Saturday, October 3, 2009

And I don't have much to say again

Not having much to say is a rare thing for me. Perhaps it's because I've been blog-surfing again. Go to a blog with lots of followers, click on random followers and go to their blog, leave a comment if it's cool stuff, repeat. I commented on maybe half a dozen blogs today, some of them pretty cool:

Rocketmanbkk, who's a fellow who is working on some pretty cool EX fuels. He's got something he calls 'Alien R-candy, which is a sugar fuel (65% KNO3, 35% C12H22O11 ) mixed with antifreeze as a binder and mixer. It's green (hence the name) and burns red - almost as red as Aerotech Redline propellant. Cool stuff!

R2K's High Power Rocketry, currently showing an awesome picture of a Delta-IV Heavy launch.

Greg Smith, who builds ridiculously cool L3 rockets, including staged ones, and who does amazing things with car paint.

DTH Rocket, who's a high school student like me and who does some pretty cool stuff like composite staging and experiments with drag and optimum weight.

Secret Spineless Whine: like my 'rant' label, only more interesting.

I'd Rather be a Smartass: funny, irreverent, and pretty intelligent too. Also, home of Gilsner, the first person to follow Drowning in Turtles, my webcomic.

Even Pretty Girls Need to Read, with an awesome funny rant / idea about book summaries.

Nothing to See Here Move Along - one of the first bloggers to read and comment here, and home of the Genius of the Week Contest which I've won 2 and a half times so far.

Elohssanatahw, home of @eloh, one of the funniest elohssa out there.

Ellie, brother of Mr. Met, and both a( sane and b) a Mets fan even for the last 2 seasons, which is a rare combination.

and of course mandachan at Divided Loyalty, kick-ass baseball blogger extraordinaire to whom I respond with "happy 6 to you too".


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DTH Rocket said...

Hey, thanks for all the links! I've been looking for some cool blogs to read.

The EGE said...

No problem. More to come soon, likely.