Monday, October 5, 2009


My laptop may be out of commission at some point in the near future.

The other day, it slid off a low shelf and fell maybe 5" on one end to the floor. It seemed fine at the time.

Fast forward to today. I used it for a few minutes this morning, and it was fine. This afternoon, after school, when I had about 15 tabs open in the xkcd fora, it froze up. It's doent his several times before, and before I've been able to just wait for IE to respond again, or else hit [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Delete] and close it with task manager.

This time, task manager only closed one of two IE windows open. When the other one didn't respond, I used the start menu to restart my computer. It shut down and began to restart, but only halfway restarted, and stayed at a grey screen for several minutes. It then ran chkdsk, which checked my D: (recovery) disk and then started it up regularly. Since then it's been running fine.

However, that sequence of events is very similar to some of the times before when one of my RAM chips was bad, particularly the chkdsk running. I'm also worried about the obvious buildup of dust and overheating inside my computer. It used to be hours before the fans started to run; now it's just a few minutes.

I think I'll take my laptop in to Geek Squad pretty soon. They can run a check on the RAM, and hopefully clean out the dust, plus put in another RAM chip to bump it back up to 4 gigs of RAM like it was before, which would also help it to run faster.

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