Friday, October 9, 2009

Tomorrow's Lineup

It's supposed to stop raining overnight and clear up tomorrow, so as of right now CATO 154 is a go. My definite flights:

Twofer: 2x 1/2A3-4T: 220 ft. My first cluster flight; equivalent motor is an A5-4.

Nantucket Sound: F12-3J: 420 ft. My second F flight, and the largest motor I'll have launched here in CT. It'll make a huge thick colum of black smoke.

Mozzie: E18-4W: 780ft. Should be a nice loud flight with lots of white smoke.

Other possible flights:

SpaceShipOne: C6-3: 394 ft. Simulation is to within 6 feet of the altitude listed in the Estes catalog.

Bullpup: B6-4: 330 ft.
C6-5: 690 ft.

Machnum Force: C6-3: 342 ft. Might be too slow off the pad.
D12-3: 1051 ft. Waaay too short delay.
D15-4T: 1011 ft. Delay too short; risk of losing reload casing.

Pigasus: B6-4: 290 ft.
C6-5: 555 ft.

Cohete: A10-3T: I have no idea, since it's well-nigh impossible to simulate.

More coming later.

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