Sunday, October 18, 2009

Basement cleaning

I spent 7 hours today cleaning the basement, about half of that with my parents. We cleaned the entire workshop area, including throwing a bunch of stuff away. (Why do we have 20-year-old shoe polish, and rusty nails? Honestly.) The spray paints are now much easier to access, as is the pencil sharpener, and it's way easier to wipe dust off the workbench and use the bench vise. Best of all, we now have a fluorescent light on the ceiling, thus tripling the light in the room.

Then came the wiring. I was under the workbench looking for something when I noticed the Wires to Nowhere. One, after testing, carried no current, and was simply connected to an unused electrical box, both of which we removed. The second was live (with two bare ends under the workbench that carried the possibility of an electric shock or fire), and was in fact jerry-rigged into an overcrowded electrical box by the previous owner of the house.

Literally while we we looking at it - not even touching it - something shifted and the ungodly mass of wires shorted out, thus tripping the fuse, which threw the workshop and adjacient basement room into darkness, as well as taking the desktop, TV, and internet offline. (Yeah, our house is wired funny.) We dragged a trouble light in and he took off the giant mass of electrical tape, disconnected the Live Wire to Nowhere, and reconencted everything in a much safer bundle of electrical caps.

Finally, we reorganized the shelving unit that holds my rockets as well as other stuff. He freed up one shelf, and by throwing some stuff away and moving other stuff, I freed up another. I used the larger shelf to hold a bunch of electronic stuff that I had on the floor, and the smaller to move my Mozzie (and the rest of the mosquito fleet) off the old desk chair and onto a proper shelf. I took off half the shelf to fit the Mozzie, which also creates a display effect which I rather like.

Dang, I used 'stuff' 4 times in that paragraph. I should not be blogging when I'm this tired.

There was one casualty of the operation: The retired 18mm monocopter was accidentally crushed by a box.

I aquired a new project: a 1/48 scale SR-71 plastic model that I'd forgotten about. I may or may not convert it for flight.

Other current projects:
10" pyramid with a 29mm motor mount: I just need to cut and finish 1 more side, then glue it all together. I found a couple of C-clamps today that'll make that a lot easier.
Pumpkin lofter. Details coming soon.

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