Monday, October 19, 2009

German and Russian and Czech motors, oh my!

A while back I posted about Polish model rocket motors, which included A5, A15, B15, C15, and D15 motors.

Now, while looking at a German kit from Apogee, I got curious about the 25mm German motors mentioned, so I started doing a bit of research. Here's what I found:

A company called Weco seems to make most German rocket motors. (Germans are also about to import Estes and especially Quest motors). Sierra Fox Hobbies has a selection of Weco motors, including:
18mm: A8-3, B4-0 and -4, and C6-0 and -3, plus the well-known C2-P (Held 1000) - an unusual long-burn motor (5 second burn) intended for rocket gliders.
25mm: D7-0 and D7-3

Interestingly, the smaller motors come in 10-packs. 10 A8s are roughly $16.44 (11 €), 10 B4s $19.43 (13 €), and 10 C6s $22.42 (15 €). 3 D7s go for $14.95 (10 €)and apparently one Held 1000 goes for $22.42 (15 €)!

The VRO (Flemish Rocket Organization) has two non-American motors for sale: a D7-3, which they say is 23mm in diameter (and has a 12N average thrust and therefore is equivalent to a D12), and a Russian D10-4 which is 20mm x 85mm.

This page shows the Held 1000 (held translates as 'hero') as having 7Ns total impulse and 1.25N average thrust, plus shows its thrust curve.

Its big brother, the Held 5000 is a baby E8 (25Ns) with a 3-second burn time - very close to the Estes E9.

Finally, from Sierra Fox again, comes the Rapier motors from the Czech Republic. They include a 10-pack of A3-4s (exactly the same as Estes) for $23.91 (16 €), 5 B2-5 (15mm x 50mm) for $18.68 (12.50 €), 10 B3-5 (13mm x 58mm) for $34.38 (23 €).

They also carry a single Jetex motor, which are mini reloadable motors with thrust between 0.05 and 0.3 N and burn times between 5 and 30 seconds, intended for use with model planes. I hence refer you to the Jetex motor page. Interestingly, Jetex motors use Guadinine Nitrate (CH6N4O3), noted for its high (177 seconds) specific impulse and that its combustion produces only gases, not solid residue and smoke like the Ammonium Perchlorate and blackpowder of most model rockt and HPR motors.

Thanks to Sascha Grant for the tipoff to the VRO site.

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