Sunday, October 4, 2009

New parachute thread!

Reasons my mom is awesome:

1) She bought me more shroud lines for my parachutes. 270 feet of 1/8" nylon thread. That's 3240" of thread, enough for 540" total diameter of chutes with 8 shroud lines, or 1080" total of chutes with 4. First up will be a few 10", 12", and 16" chutes - red, and 4 or 6 lines - for my smaller rockets.

2) She's willing to sew chutes for me. For a single chute, that means cutting and sewing the gores and vent hole (for gored chutes), sewing the edges, sewing on 8 lines, and finally sewing an X or * in the center for folding purposes. That works out to between 10 minutes and an hour per chute.

3) She's helping fix the paint job on my Orbital Transport glider.

Reason why my dad is awesome: he bought me Frog tape, which is a green masking tape that apparently doesn't bleed.

In short, my parents are awesome!


@eloh said...

Good for you for knowing it.

I sew, so I know what she is putting into it.

Gypsy said...

Can you say what actual thread she used for sewing the chutes?

The EGE said...

It was just generic nylon thread; nothing too special about it.