Monday, October 26, 2009

My Goonies

The Cloud Hopper:

The Pigasus:

All three together:

Besides the Nike Goon, I've got a few other Goony ideas bouncing around, including a Scissor-Wing Goon and one with a 5.5" long 38mm motor mount - just enough for a 38/240 case that could send it to Mach.

These are awesome felt cases that my mom made and painted for me. They protect my valuable hardware and make it easier to find.
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KenKzak said...

Eeeee, Pigs on the wing!

@eloh said...

When pigs fly...always one of my favorites.

The EGE said...

Yeah, that joke was the original concept. It's a nod both to Pegasus and the Pigasus from the '68 DNC.