Friday, October 2, 2009

Actual pyramid progress!

I cut out a second pair of triangles, sanded them, and glued them together. Thank goodness for the jigsaw - it's so much quicker and easier than the handsaw. I made a fence by clamping on a metal strip to the wood to guide the saw. It broke a bit of the tip, though, so I'll have to form a new resin tip with wood glue. I'll also have to sand the sides so that they match with the other flat sides of the pyramid.

Pictures, better descriptions, and more building comes this weekend. I've also got some posts coming on weird science stuff, and other entertaining stuff, including possibly the relase of my simulation program code.

I'm sorry that posting has been light - only one post a day - and so short lately. I haven't gotten more than 5 hours of sleep a night in a week, and I've had an NHS application that took a lot of work, plus homework, Jazz Band, and my job. Hopefully, I'll catch up on sleep this weekend and be back to normal with lots of content and commentary. I've managed, though, to post at least once every day since early july, and I only had 8 less posts than last month despite the huge time commitment and sleep drain of school.

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