Friday, October 30, 2009

Ninjitsu, I has it

Since I'm actually going to a Halloween party for the first time in my life (hooray crazy friends!) I'm dressing up as a ninja. That means black pants, shirt, and tie; black ninja mask, black combat-style steel-toed boots, and weaponry. I'm working on ninja stars, but I already have a sword.

It's a fake katana with a 28" blade. I made it by taping two 36" x 1" window blinds together. I made a curved tip by cutting the material, reinforced it with wooden dowels taped together, and made a grip with masking and electrical tape. I painted the blade grey, and the widest part at the hilt gold, and the handle is black electrical tape.

I also made a scabbard out of wooden crown molding and masking tape. It slides onto my belt. Ninja pictures coming tomorrow.


tori said...

Have a great Halloween party!

The EGE said...