Thursday, October 15, 2009

Okay, fine.

At the request of mandachan, and in response to the comments of several readers that they have absolutely no idea what I'm saying, I'm going to try to be a little less... technical and explain things a little better. That means less unneeded technical wording, more background information, and more outside links to people who explain stuff better than I.

That doesn't mean that I'll change the content, just make it better-worded and more accessible. I'll also be going back through some older mosts to make them easier to understand, and so I can backlink to them for explanations.

In any case, if you're confused, then let me know. Commenting is the best way - I'll check it within 12 hours almost guaranteed, and I'll always write a response. They also let other confused people see your message.

If you need to email me, please send mail to [spacescienced13+blog] at google's email service, better known as gmail. You can also use [theege] "at" [rocketmail] dotcom. I'll generally answer anything sent to the first address within 12-24 hours, and the second within a week.

~~~~The EGE


tori said...

yeah! looking forward to understanding what you're doing (hopefully) Don't know if you knew that I have a daughter who is a geek too--she is a senior at University of Michigan. Parenting her, I usually didn't have any idea what she was talking about. Not sure where her geek genes came from.

mandachan said...

great. way to make me feel guilty for making you change your writing style. now i guess i really have to start capitalizing. :P