Saturday, September 5, 2009

500 posts!

This is my 500th post. I like big round numbers, so this is a pretty big thing for me. (Before she starts yelling at me, I really ought to thank mandachan for getting me into blogging, and to note that she's almost to 400 posts herself).

It took me 9 months, minus two days, to get to 250 posts. It's taken me 6 more, minus 3 days, to get my second 250. At this rate, I'll get to 750 posts in 3 months minus 4 days - December 1st - and to 1000 posts 5 days before that. (Ah, the fallacies of extrapolating with only 2 datapoints...)

In a pretty much unrelated conicidence, this is my 365th post of the year. Since I had exactly 365 total on The Amateur Geek's 1-year anniversary, that means I've posted the same number of times - 135 - in the past 3 months (minus 5 days) then I did in the first 6 2/3 months of the blog. I hope that all this content I've been producing is interesting and informative; I think my writing has improved, and I'm pretty sure that I'm one of the most-content-and-cheese-filled rocketry blogs out there - right up with Dick Stafford.

And now, back to content you actually care about.....


mandachan said...

ok, i guess you get a hi-5 for your posting awesomeness.

The EGE said...