Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Asshole Car Salesman

Your job is to make people want to buy cars from you. Yes, I know you work on a comission basis, and a sale now is your biggest priority. But people gather opinions on you based on how you act towards them, and that'll make a difference later in whether they look at your cars again, and what they tell their friends about your dealership. Treating a customer poorly just because they're not going to make their purchase in the two days remaining this monthis a bad idea. Effectively ignoring one because you know they're not going to make a big decision without their spouse their is even worse. Just because someone is only looking and is probably not going to give you a sale right now, is not an excuse to be an idiot. Your business is personality, and you fail. Asshole.




Maelstrom said...

Too bad for them. I had one guy hound me for 2 days after I left, leaving messages for me at home and calling me at work before I had to explicitly tell him that he was not allowed to call me anymore.

mandachan said...

pick your fights, sindy, pick your fights.