Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Projects

To compliment my plans to buy a 29mm hobby case, I'm also planning to buy a rocket or two.

I want to be able to fly the Redline, Mojave Green, and Black Max G reloads for the 29/40-120 case at Salem, which pretty much requires staying under 1600 feet to ensure recovery. This requires a 2.6" rocket minimum; depending on the weight, 2.6" rockets can top out between 1400 feet and 2800 feet on ~110Ns G loads like those in the 29/40-120 and 29/120 cases. A 3" or 4" rocket would be preferrable, but those are more expensive, and 4" rockets risk being over 3.3 pounds, or too heavy to fly on a G other than the SU G80T.

Although I looked at rockets from other manufacturers, including some Cosmodrome kits (which I'll definitely buy more of in the future), and the Pemberton King Kraken, I eventually reduced my options to a range of about 8 rockets from Madcow. They're fairly cheap, incredible quality, and always a little quirky.

So, I asked my dad.

After rejecting the Patriot and MIM-23B Hawk ("We do Navy and Air Force in this family, not Army"), the DX-3 (too boring), the Cowabunga and Momba (he's too serious for those), and a few others, he settled on liking the Solar Express. It's a great rocket; I considered it my second choice for a certification rocket before settling on the Nike-Apache.

It's pretty cheap (around 50 bucks), cool-looking, and had high-quality stuff like a solid plastic nose cone, TTW fins, 29mm thick-wall motor mount, and a great recovery system with a kevlar / nylon cord combo, chute protector, and a 17" nylon chute, identical to the Mozzie's, that's great quality and will bring it down quickly but safely. I plan to paint it scarlet and grey and call it the Buckeye Express. An excellent excuse to use Redlines.

According to Apogee's Rocksim predictions, it'll fly to betwen 800 and 1100 feet on Fs, and 1300 to 1800 on Gs. Madcow's predictions suggest 570' on an E16-4W, 900 to 1300 feet on Fs, and 1600 to 1900 feet on Gs. I'll definitely fly it on E18-4W reloads in my 24/40 case, and on a G71-7 Redline sometime. My predictions are 250 feet on a D12-3 (marginal, a D21-4T would be better but more expensive), 500-600 feet on Es, 800 to 1100 on Fs, and 1200 to 1700 on Gs. (These are guesses only; my predictions may differ). It'll also have the capability to fly on Hs at NERRF-6 next summer. Scarlet-painted Buckeye Express on an H165 Redline to 2500 feet would ROCK.

I may also buy a Pemberton Kraken in the same order. I like the look of the King Kraken but it's just too expensive; this provides the same cool look in a smaller (1.64" diameter) rocket that can fly on anything from D12-5 and D15-4 motors, to Fs on absolutely calm days.

I'm also debating between scratch-building a 9" pyramid and a 12" saucer to use for low, loud flights on 29mm motors. Cast your vote in the poll in the upper right, please.


Sascha Grant said...

Good choice on the Solar Express - it's a great looking rocket :)

Check out the Semroc Arcas ( ) has some very nice scale detail in the fincan and will take a bunch of different motors.

The EGE said...

I like the Arcas, and I'd probably buy it if it was cheaper. But 67 bucks for a rocket that I can't fly on anything above an E without risking losing a reload casing just isn't worth it.