Sunday, September 6, 2009

Launch Report #33: LPR With the Cousins

I got to go out with the cousins today and launch a few LPR birds. My normal local field was being used by the little mini football players, so we had to use a smaller local field about 250' by 500' - a third the size.

First came Mach My Day on an A8-3. Nice flight to around 350 feet; it was a bit unstable and squirrely after burnout, though.

Second came the Odyssey on an A10-3T. Quick boost and nice recovery. The light aft bodt with big fins came down *slower* than the streamer.

Third was the first flight of SpaceShipTwo on an A10-3T. Boost was straight with only a bit of roll; it went to around 300 feet and came back at a good speed on the 4" nylon chute, which barely fit into the tiny body.

Fourth was the Nuclear Mosquito on a B6-4. It's such a great rocket: I love the colors and shape; it can use anything from an A to a D; there's plenty of room for a chute, and it's a fun, non-serious rocket. Ejection was just past at around 300 feet; the 12" plastic chute (originally from the Deltie Thunder) took a moment to unfold and it finally was under the chute at around 250 feet. It's an incredibly light rocket; the 12" chute was too much (as it was at CATO last month) and it drifted a long way. Next flight uses a 6" or 8" chute or a long streamer. It drifted over the trees, and looked lost, but a gust of wind caused it to miss the trees by literally 2 feet and land right next to me.

Fifth was Glider 2 on a B6-2. The new glider hook worked perfectly and the boost was fast and straight, with only a slight arc and roll, and the glider stayed attached till ejection at around 300 feet or so. The pod came straight down and was easily recovered; despite a steep bank (which kept it nearby), the glider went around 400 feet away as the crow flies and stayed aloft nearly a minute, coming down and recovered in an adjaicent cemetary. A sucessful flight; it'll fly on the same motor with a bit less bank at CATO.

Sixth was Mach My Day, this time on a B6-4. It corkscrewed once then headed off at a 45° angle over the cemetary; the last I heard was the ejection pop. If it's found, I'll get it back - I put my name, address, phone number, and email on it when I was planning it as a Machbuster that'd go half a mile high.

I flew 6 motors on 6 flights in 5 different rockets; one lost and no other damage with 5 sucessful flights. Totals: 137 launches on 158 motors in 54 different rockets (8 retired / lost / destroyed); total 1437.4 (12.3% K), per motor 9.1 (81.9% C) and per flight 10.49 (4.9% D).

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